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April Birthstone
April Stone of the month Diamond

Happy birthday to all our April born fans. Remember your birthstone is "The Diamond". As it is rightly said "A Diamond is forever". Diamonds are a symbol of royalty and purity. This gemstone was named as "adamas" by Greeks which mean "invincible". A diamond is said to bring its owner wealth and happiness as well as protection.

Ancient traditional birthstones

  • Arabic: Sapphire
  • Guardian Angel: Ashmodei
  • Hebrew: Sapphire
  • Hindu: Diamond
  • His Talismanic Stone: Topaz
  • Polish: Diamond
  • Roman: Sapphire

It is well known that Diamond is the hardest substance found in nature, but few people realize that Diamond is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral, corundum (sapphire and ruby).

Diamonds are thought to be first found in India and since then have been used for making jewelry. Diamonds are found in many areas including South Africa, Russia, and even in Arkansas in the USA.

A gift of a Diamond is symbolic of everlasting love. Diamonds are the anniversary gems for 10th and the 60th years of marriage. The diamond's white hue symbolizes life, joy and purity. Diamonds are the ideal gift for a loved one and it symbolizes strength and courage.

Diamond is also symbolic of a long lasting relationship and has earned the heart of many people around the world. True diamond can be known as the "King of all Gemstones".

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